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4 Albums I’m Enjoying Right Now

Crescendo by Jackie Hill Perry

In our current social media moment we’re
being constantly bombarded by poorly considered prose. With Crescendo rapper/poet/author/speaker Jackie Hill Perry sends out thoughtful, masterfully crafted words like a beam of light piercing through the dark. With tracks like Woman, No Ways Tired and Maranatha the album doesn’t shy away from issues like gender, race, and the danger of distraction over devotion. At the same time, its sprinkled with snippets of familiar hymns like Nothing But the Blood and is undeniably worship. This is what hip hop should be.

Behold by Stephen Miller

Released on Jan 18, 2019, this is the newest addition to my playlist, so I’m still getting the full feel of it. It boasts solid lyrics; is easy listening; and is (in my opinion) what realistic, Scripture-rich worship looks like. In a recent interview, Miller said:

The Psalms have been my daily bread. The realness there of men who weren’t afraid to give a voice to their hurts.” I think Jesus is honored in that kind of honesty and that’s probably where some of the most beautiful worship comes to life.” 

The Perfect Love of Christ by Immanuel Nashville

I love when churches release albums that are the result of both highly talented musicians and strong, orthodox Christian theology. Immanuel Nashville brings their A-game with this album. (The only thing that I don’t love is the two short tracks where someone speaks to introduce a song; this never lends itself well to tracks being shuffled in with a larger playlist.) With a mix of great new songs and rearranged hymns, this album captures worship that works for both the car and the congregation.

Only a Holy God by CityAlight

This album isn’t new (2016) but I recently discovered it when the title track featured at Together for the Gospel in Brisbane. Fresh sound, terrific lyrics, and good theology (out of Sydney, Australia). Tracks two and four are my personal favourites, but the whole album is great.

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