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Wednesdays on the Web (24/05)

Keep Your Phone in your Pocket

“Once your brain has become accustomed to on-demand distraction, Nass discovered, it’s hard to shake the addiction even when you want to concentrate. To put this more concretely: If every moment of potential boredom in your life—say, having to wait five minutes in line or sit alone in a  restaurant until a friend arrives—is relieved with a quick glance at your smartphone, then your brain has likely been rewired to a point where, like the ‘mental wrecks’ in Nass’s research, it’s not ready for deep work—even if you regularly schedule time to practice this concentration.”

Where Are the Women who will Write like Him?

I’ve seen this call somewhere else recently. Too often Christian women authors seem to be relegated to the “feeling” books rather than the “thinking” books. While there is valid acknowledgement that women are often better at self-awareness and emotional sensitivity, I know a great many women who are better theologians than me, and I’ve read some amazing tranformative books this year by authors such as Jen Wilkin, Gloria Furman, and Hannah Anderson. I’m glad that these women are reading, thinking, and engaging with me through the written word. Gender should never be an obstacle to writing good books of all kinds.

Marriage Wounds

“Having a spouse is like living with a mirror that constantly shows you where you are weak, where you are prideful, and how in desperate need of a Savior you really are.”

Small Wonder

We glorify God when we pause, rest, and wonder.

How to Become a Tech-Wise Family

If you’re a parent, this podcast is worth your time.

The home, he says, must limit technology in order to delight in God, neighbor, family, and nature. The church, he says, will not enjoy authentic community unless it disciples Christians in countercultural living when it comes to our TVs, video games, and smartphones.

At $6 on Kindle and $9 in paperback, this book has been added to my wishlist.

Come and Drink

Last Sunday I preached this message from John 4. This story as much to teach us as we strive to be people who are more mission-minded.

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