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Wednesdays on the Web (03/05)

Lord, Search my Heart

The glorious gospel miracle is that what God requires of us in Micah 6:8, he purchases for us and accomplishes in us.

A Marriage Checklist

So here’s a book that’s been on my shelf untouched for too long. At a guess, I’d say I’ve read 5-7 books on marriage since purchasing Keller’s The Meaning of Marriage, while it sits with a bookmark at page 1. Expanding on the old idea of Love Languages, Keller discusses love “currency” and here David Murray shares a practical list which is well worth frequenting. Simple, practical, ├╝ber beneficial (if you get it right!).

Grace and The Non-Instagrammable Church

The real church is just that. It’s real. It hasn’t been photoshopped. There’s no filter or adjustable settings to clean up the mess, tone down the noise, or disguise the sin. And this is exactly how God designed it, and its the perfect place for grace to flourish. This culture of grace, this community of differents (to borrow from Scot McKnight) is where we see the message of the gospel most clearly displayed. Jared C. Wilson writes

You cannot grow in holiness and holier-than-thou-ness at the same time.

God uses our brokenness to display his grace; so we give thanks.

4 Methods to Organise Your Prayer Life

Whether you’re a paper person, an app person, a person who needs to find more time, or a person who has trouble remembering who or what you were planning on praying for, there’s something in this article that will help you get the most out of whatever time you set aside for in prayer.

Love the Lord with your Mind

Thanks to Jen Wilkin for the important reminder of intentionally cultivating our relationship with God through study.

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