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Who Writes This?

Hi, I’m Chris. I’m a Christian, husband to Karyn, dad to two boys under 3, and step-dad to a third. I worship and serve at North Pine Baptist Church in Brisbane, Australia. I’m an ESTJ who likes to partake in quality coffee, enjoys all things Marvel, I hold an M.Div from Tabor College, and I read a lot.

Our Family: Karyn (holding Gabriel), Chris (holding Benedict), and Koby.

I set up this site shortly after beginning my studies as an outlet for all the things that I was learning; mostly to save my wife from the pain of having to listen to every new thing I was excited about that week. It’s evolved into a place that includes posts about all manner of thoughts on life and culture from a Christian worldview, plus reviews of the books that I’ve loved in the hope that they might help in guiding other Christians towards interesting, quality reading.


One Other Thing is a participant in the Book Depository affiliate program; so if you click through and buy any of the books that I’ve mentioned, I get a small cut to help out with the costs of maintaining the site. It’s a win-win!