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Category: On My Table

On My Table:
Life & Books with Nathan Campbell

This month’s On My Table comes from Nathan Campbell. Nathan is a husband to Robyn, a father to Soph (5), Xavi (almost 4) and Ellie (almost 2); he’s also a pastor of Creek Road Presbyterian Church’s South Bank campus (but the names and ages for all those people would take too long to write down), and a blogger at Because he’s a total Christian ministry cliché he also likes coffee, but he tries not to just paint by numbers when it comes to coffee so he helped start a social enterprise cafe in West End and he has a stupidly big commercial machine plumbed in at home, so that’s not totally boring. What book(s) are you currently reading? I have about 5o unfinished books on my…

On My Table:
Life & Books with Geoff Bloor

This month’s On My Table comes from Geoff Bloor. Dr Geoff Bloor retired as Director, Social Work and Welfare at the Repatriation General Hospital in Adelaide about 5-6 years ago and now does a very small amount of teaching/consulting each year. He attends the St Morris church of Grace Anglican Network in Adelaide where he is a member of the joint Parish Council, a synod representative, a leader of 2 home groups and a leader in outreach to local migrants. He has always had an interest in theological study and made three previous attempts (several years apart) completing one subject each towards different qualifications, but then had to give up due to other commitments and the need to study towards other work related qualifications. Now retired, Geoff has returned…

On My Table:
Life & Books with Brian Douglas

This month’s On My Table comes from Brian Douglas, Associate Pastor at All Saints Presbyterian Church in Boise, Idaho and chaplain at the Wyakin Foundation. He was previously a teacher, sold books and outdoors gear, and was a security guard. He grew up near Miami, but his mom raised him to love Detroit Tigers baseball. What book(s) are you currently reading? Throughout 2017, I’ll be reading Calvin’s Institutes with a bunch of friends. Wilbourne, Union with Christ. Soren Kierkegaard, The Present Age. Re-reading Keller, Reason for God in anticipation of reading Making Sense of God. And I’m slowly cooking my way through Peláez & Silverman, The Cuban Table. Next in the queue: Taunton, The Faith of Christopher Hitchens, and Gjelten, Bacardi and the Long Fight for Cuba.…

On My Table:
Life & Books with Ben Smith

This month’s On My Table comes from Ben Smith. He’s a husband and a father, a self-confessed geek, and a theology nerd. He lives with the conviction that all people should be honoured and respected while ideas and beliefs should be tested and challenged. What book(s) are you currently reading? One of my missions for the year is to read through Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. I’m also reading through Martin Luther’s Commentary on Romans with some friends of mine. Both books have been absolute gold so far. I’m also reading The Rise of Rome by Plutarch. It’s a selection of his Parallel Lives where he compares Greek and Roman heroes. I read “The Rise and Fall of Athens: Nine Greek Lives” last year…