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That’s a Wrap! (27/01)

Seven Reasons Why Church is Difficult for those Touched by Mental Illness

As a parent—but also as a person—I understand some of the challenges addressed here. Stephen Grcevich, MD (child and adolescent psychiatrist) writes:

Evangelically-minded churches have made great strides in recognizing the struggles common among persons in the church with mental illness. Where we have much work yet to do is in connecting with individuals and families outside the church and formulating strategies for welcoming them into our worship services and including them in activities most critical for making disciples.

Something Better than the Gospel

Fred Sanders. He said it.

An Open Letter to Christians who are Using Porn

The biggest thing about secret sin is that it’s secret. Tim Thornborough succinctly writes that the first step to exterminate it is to expose it.
BONUS: Tim Challies’ review of Vaughn Roberts new book The Porn Problem (currently AU$6.41 on Book Depository) is well worth reading.

A Guided Tour to 2017’s Bestselling Christian Books

Oh man, this post is not what you think it is. What is happening in the world?

How Curiosity Feeds Creativity

Barnabas Piper wrote the book on curiousity (no really, you can read my review here). He writes:

People are created to be image bearers of God. One of the primary, unique ways we do this is through creativity, and the only way to be truly creative is by being intentionally curious.

Disguised Destruction

Wise words from Katelyn Milligan. Do you often find yourself saying “The words I said were fine. And I’m allowed to say them that way, because I’m frustrated.” How we say things is equally-if-not-more important than what we’re saying. Milligan writes:

When one speaks without considering how it might affect others, not only is it selfish, but it’s reckless, and recklessness is destructive—destructive to oneself and to relationships.

Dads, Spend Time with your Kids One-on-One

Maybe it’s obvious (and if it isn’t, it should be) but there is a special demonstration of love and grace that takes place when a parent sets aside time to get inside a child’s world as an individual. This doesn’t disregard or discount important family times, devotions, discipleship opportunities in the car or at the dinner table, but there’s opportunity for eternal investment here that should not be missed.

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