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Wednesdays on the Web (20/12)

5 Tips for Establishing a Devotional Routine with Your Toddler

Just like the time and the content, so the strategy is actually best when kept short and simple. Even if you just read these 5 headings by Jared Kennedy, you’ll be on the right track. And if (like me) you’ve struggled more than once to find something that your kids can really get in to, perhaps the key is here.

40 Most Spiritually Charged Songs of 2017

I haven’t finished working my way through this list yet, but I’ve got to say how much I appreciate artists who carefully weave good theology into their craft. My favourite mention goes to Worthy by Beautiful Eulogy; I’ve listened to this album since it came out, and still have it on regular rotation.

BONUS: Listen UP! Songs from the Parables of Jesus has just been released by Sovereign Grace Music. This one goes straight to the car as possibly their best kids albums to date.

A Letter from Ligonier

W. Robert Godfrey, on behalf of Ligonier’s board of directors has written this open letter capturing R.C. Sproul’s life, legacy, and the future of Ligonier.

Doing Church away from Church isn’t Church

This article could be (and likely is) a PhD topic for a keen seminary student passionate about preserving the traditional gathering of the saints. I resonate with a great deal contained here, and am grateful for Eric Davis’ candid assessment of contemporary church parodies.

My family hunkered down at home is not the local, representative body of Christ. Hiking with a few friends is not the body of Christ. Going out skiing with unbelieving friends is not the body of Christ. Doing church away from church isn’t church because doing church without the church isn’t church.

What Suffering People Wish You Would Do at Christmas

Socially, emotionally, even practically. Here’s an article to help you not be the awkward person who stumbles through silence, not knowing how to support someone suffering this season.

People Are Going to Hell. Do I Really Need Seminary Training?

M. David Sills (DMiss, PhD) is A. P. and Faye Stone professor of Christian missions and cultural anthropology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and here he offers his thoughts on the importance of being as prepared as you can be to not only correctly contextualise and communicate the gospel to another culture, but to go beyond that to actually fulfilling the entire great commission.

The great tragedy of the world is not that it is unreached; it is that it is undiscipled. Jesus commanded us to make disciples, not just to get decisions.

My 2017 Word Cloud

I still love word clouds, and find them interesting, encouraging, and motivating. Here’s my word cloud created from Facebook posts in 2017.

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