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What I Read in October

The God-Shaped Heart

I abandoned this book after 6 chapters. It had a promising, even fascinating start but took a turn into dangerous waters when it downplayed God’s justice, denied the significance of Christ’s penal substitution, and flirted with Universalism.

I’d recommend skipping this one.


North! Or Be Eaten

Andrew Peterson is a skilled world-builder, has an encyclopedia of fantastic creatures to thrill the imaginations, and writes to engage with an audience of both kids and their parents. I gave high praise to book one of the Wingfeather Saga, and I love when a sequel is better than the original. North! continues the adventure at rapid pace with new places, new foes, and an ending that makes me glad I’ve already got book three in the mail.


Singing is one of the most commanded acts in Scripture, and Sing! is one of the best books on congregational singing I’ve ever read. It is immensely readable; while also being convicting, informative, encouraging, and deep. Every pastor, worship leader, and serious Christian should read it.
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The Whole Christ

This month’s free audiobook from, it’s an instant classic. Although it’s a bit dense (at least, it was for me) it is also full of glorious truths about the assurance of our faith, and full of great statements like “It is misleading to say that God accepts us the way we are. Rather he accepts us despite the way we are”. I know I’ll have to read it again to fully appreciate all its contents, but that just adds to my recommendation.

What have you been reading?

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