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Wednesdays on the Web (25/10)

4 Reasons to Make Your Kids Go to Church

Want a hot-button issue to divide Christian parents? Mike Kelly believes we should undoubtedly force our children to go to church, even when they don’t want to. Before you pick up stones, read his post.

The Solas of the Reformation: A 5-Day Reading Plan

At the time of its release, we are 7 days away from the 500th anniversary of Luther’s nailing the theses. Even putting that aside for the moment, the 5 Solas hold the key tenets of the Christian faith, and we would do well to spend time reading scripture with them in mind. This is guaranteed to be a few minutes of your next 5 days well spent.

Simple Prayers for Your Grieving Heart

The shock of loss seems to steal our breath and with it our ability to think clearly. It can be extremely difficult to think of how to pray for ourselves and the people we love so dearly. Thankfully, our faith in God and reliance on Him has greater power and yields greater results than our grief.

11 Resources about the Reformation

I’ve read (or have on my nightstand) 4 of these, and can say with confidence that Christians today have so much more to learn from the Reformation than we first realise. Keep an eye on these titles, buy them, borrow them—just don’t ignore them. Your life will absolutely be richer for it.

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