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Wednesdays on the Web (17/10)

Is It Really God Speaking to You?

Recently, I had a conversation with some guys about times in our lives when we’ve felt like God is speaking/confirming/leading us to do this or that (life decisions—not where to park the car). Mike Leake has a good word to add to this conversation.

Sufficient for Its Day

Here’s something totally unexpected. As a Christian, you heard certain phrases and immediately equate them to the part of the Bible you think they’re referring to (or maybe just me). I had an idea of what this article would be about and immediately put it on my shortlist, thinking it would contain good advice for Christians struggling with today. I had no idea, and what I found was a more beautiful, evocative, stirring piece that mingled sadness and joy with bright, enduring hope.

Crucify Them!

Two things continue to fascinate me about situations like this one from Melbourne over the weekend. First, the reality that Love is Love Until You Disagree (then we’ll cry “crucify them!”). The second is that Christians continue to be shocked and saddened that they’re being persecuted. Like that’s unexpected, or a new thing.

5 Psychologically Proven Ways Scripture Teaches Us to Combat Anxiety

I’ve deeply struggled with anxiety in my life and the scriptures have played a defining role in my ongoing recovery. So I want to share with you what some of the scriptures have to say about facing anxiety, and how it’s psychologically proven to be true.

A Five Minutes Guide to Better Typography

Tame the text. (please)

#MeToo — Stop Asking Women to Fix it

It’s happening in response to the revelations of widespread sexual harassment in Hollywood. But this extends way beyond Hollywood.

Too many of our sisters in our church family and too many women in our neighbourhood have experienced sexual assault or harassment. This is not right. We hear you. We believe you. We’re sorry.

Theologicon: Australia’s First Pop-Culture Conference

Take your favourite comic book characters, pop-culture icons, and silver screen superheroes, mix in theology… and you’ve got Theologicon: a conference to explore how Christians can engage with the enduring themes and questions posed within pop-culture. The timetable has been released, the topics look amazing, and the tickets are selling fast.

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