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Wednesdays on the Web (04/10)

Pastor, What’s Your Point?

David Murray: Just because a sermon has points, doesn’t mean it’s got a point.

Searching for Meaning in Las Vegas

Our hearts break with the families who are still experiencing the affects of the worst mass shooting in US History. Here’s a round up of encouraging, formative, or reorienting words from Al Mohler, the ERLCGentleReformation, and Russell Moore.

Only the Christian worldview, based in the Bible, can explain why moral facts exist, and how we can know them. Only the biblical worldview explains why sinful humanity commits such horrible moral wrongs. The Christian worldview also promises that God will bring about a final act of moral judgment that will be the final word on right and wrong — as facts, not merely speculation. The Gospel of Christ points us to the only way of rescue from the fact of our own evil and guilt. -Al Mohler

Think Fake News is Scary? Try False Teaching

From Jen Wilkin (via Christianity Today):

We learn to spot a lie by studying the truth. Both fake news and false teaching bow to this principle. To help children sift the digital messages that bombard them, educators now teach media literacy in the classroom to aid critical thinking. The church must act similarly.

Let’s Get Real about Women’s Discipleship

I’ve seen some wonderful women’s resources (and women teachers) become better known in 2017. The 3 points in this post are simple yet transformative, like the gospel it encourages women everywhere to look deeper into.

A Reformation Song

This magnificent song from Bob Kauflin and Tim Chester is an example of the perfect congregational song. Engaging the intellect and declaring wonderful truths (each verse or chorus begins and focuses on one of the Five Solas) while simultaneously making the heart soar. For me, it is exactly what joining together in song is all about.

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