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Wednesdays on the Web (20/09)

Please Read Me Your Email

This is a terrific strategy when it comes to electronic communication, and not just when you’re a Pastor or in a position of leadership. I can see key situations being handled much better (by either the sender, or the receiver, or both) if a system like this was put in place.

Artists’ Spiritual Insights

I think that every bible college lecturer I learned from saw the value that artists throughout history have contributed through their craft to helping convey the beauty and significance of biblical truth. Take the time to pause in front of these examples and see for yourself.

Setting the Tone in Your Home

I will never forget the day that little five year old Sawyer looked up at me and said, “Mama, you’re always mad.” It was a wake up call like no other. The truth is that I hadn’t realized how irritable I had become in that phase of life. But, when he said it, scenes flashed through my mind, revealing the hard truth that I had become increasingly unreasonable in my interactions with my family. I was turning every small inconvenience into a huge show of annoyance, and even though I didn’t necessarily feel angry and upset all the time, as far as my family was concerned, I was behaving like I was.

5 Christian Comedians Who Are Crushing It

These clips will brighten your day.

What Is Biblical Meditation?

It’s funny how this conversation comes up at least once a year for me. Christianity has such a rich heritage of spiritual practices, and yet we still tend to muddy the waters which leads to well-meaning Christians seeking answers in the wrong places. This article helps by discussing what Christian meditation is, and what it is not.

So Many Different Bible Translations

Bill Mounce offers this helpful introduction to why there are different Bible translations, and why they can be trusted.

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