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Wednesdays on the Web (13/09)

7 Standards for Good Writing

I blog because I enjoy the act of writing; the craft of forming something with words and phrases that is clear, compelling, and convicting (when the piece calls for that). As an author himself, Barnabas Piper always seeks to be a better writer, and offers these global standards to consider.

How to Journal through the Psalms

The Psalms are so important for the Christian life; in them we encounter what it really means to have a God who is big enough to relate to the full range of human emotions and we rejoice. I know a few people who have made the Psalms part of their daily bible intake, and the benefits to journaling are many. Why not put these two great things together?

Beyond Veggie Tales: Forming the Moral Imagination of Your Kids

At a recent parenting conference, Phil Vischer shares how storytelling can be an effective tool for creating a Biblical framework for imagination and creativity. Watch the (16 minutes) video here.

Churchgoing is Beautiful

If you’re a Christian, church attendance is not optional. Pause in this article and see again the beauty of attending the Sunday morning service, called and gathered by the Holy Spirit. We are called to love, and be part of, the church.

Having Mental Health Issues doesn’t make you a Bad Christian

It is tough enough combatting the stigma of mental health in a culture that prides itself on entrepreneurship, self-reliance and curating Instagram-perfect lifestyles. But as a Christian, it was even worse. Speaking up about the emotional pain I once survived or was enduring, I ran into a lie often perpetuated in our church culture about mental health and spiritual fitness: If you’re feeling emotionally broken, your faith is weak or broken.

The Christian and Tithing


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