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Wednesdays on the Web (06/09)

Jesus Isn’t Calling, God Has Already Spoken

I was already on board before listening to this ep from Sheologians; having my own reservations about the popularity of Sarah Young’s book and devotional sequel, even in my own congregation.

One More Time on Game of Thrones

It amazes me that Christians are actually even posing this question, but I’ve seen it a lot. Kevin DeYoung writes with conviction and clarity, and I have yet to see an argument that could oppose his points.

MacArthur and a Response to Racism

While Australia hasn’t had an event like Charlottesville, we’re not immune to racial issues. In this interview MacArthur frames a high-level response through a Christian worldview. Honestly, this would make our world a better place.

Why I Signed the Nashville Statement

Rosaria Butterfield has an amazing story, and is a wonderfully eloquent, highly intelligent, thoroughly engaging communicator. Her book (Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert) opened my eyes to a world I knew nothing about. In this piece, she writes

The issue is not whether people are good-intentioned and sincere in desiring things that God forbids.

The issue is whether we all bear the sin of Adam, inheriting an unchosen moral deformity, an energy of opposition to God, a rebellion that bequeaths to us a sin nature that we cannot erase on our own terms and by our own hands.

The issue is whether Jesus rose from the grave, is alive today, and whether His blood and love and resurrection makes any wit of difference in how you fight the original sin that distorts you, the actual sin that distracts you, and the indwelling sin that manipulates you.

The issue is whether you can trust the Bible to tell you who you are, who God is, and which way is up.

Hermeneutics for Parenting: Obey the Word

This helpful blog reveals some common errors to avoid, and a few helpful tips for making solid, biblical applications when it comes to teaching our children the truth of scripture; and it begins with living it out in our own lives.

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