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Wednesdays on the Web (30/08)

God Loves U-Turns

We live in a world where U-Turns are difficult at the times we need them the most, reserving them only for unusual circumstances (for safety reasons, of course). But living our spiritual lives before God is different. Living authentically with God, and for God, in this world requires innumerable U-Turns.

When I Survey – Voting for Jesus

This is a fascinating statement from Creek Rd Presbyterian regarding the upcoming postal plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage, and why Christians may vote no, yes, or abstain.

Kindness Begins at Home

The fact is nowhere am I more tempted to be selfish and lazy than in my home and my closest relationships. Here Nancy provides a poignant, personal reminder that kindness – while it might look different at home – is so important for me to be actively working on as part of my personal ongoing sanctification, but also in modelling Jesus to my family.

My 7 Least Productive Habits

Not often discussed from the negative angle, here’s a super-helpful and revealing list of activities that drain more than just productivity. I need to keep more than one of these in check.

Theologicon: Australia’s First Pop-Culture Conference

Take your favourite comic book characters, pop-culture icons, and silver screen superheroes, mix in theology… and you’ve got Theologicon: a conference to explore how Christians can engage with the enduring themes and questions posed within pop-culture. This looks like the most fun I could have on a weekend. I’ll be keeping an eye on the event page.

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