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Wednesdays on the Web (09/08)

I Don’t Understand Christians Watching Game of Thrones

I don’t expect those who are strangers to the light to be bothered by the darkness. But for conservative Christians who care about marriage and immorality and decency in so many other areas, it is baffling that Game of Thrones gets a free pass.

The Gospel is the Entire Meal

Often and in various ways, well-meaning Christians may try to supplement the gospel with more “meaty” teaching; as if the gospel were a side-dish, or at best the appetizer designed to whet your appetite for the rest of the meal. But the gospel is a great and glorious meal, and the only one we’ll ever need.

On “Orthodox Christianity”

This post from James K. A. Smith encourages Christians to be more astute when it comes to employing terms like orthodox. It’s longer, but well worth the read. There’s also a very interesting follow-up article titled “Orthodoxy, Sexuality, and the Local Church” which provides some poignant food for thought.

How to Tell Your Friend the Hard Truth

Remember the gospel. Remember your need for grace.

5 Things to Know about the Transgender Debate

There’s an enormous difference between the political aspects of the culture war surrounding transgenderism and the reality that there are precious persons who have genuine struggles with gender dysphoria — a condition where a person senses that their gender identity (how they feel about being male or female) may not align with their biological sex and experiences emotional distress as a result.

Christians cannot avoid the transgender debate. In his new book Andrew Walker from the ERLC helps Christians to understand a more biblical posture towards an issue that requires equal amounts of conviction and compassion,

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