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Wednesdays on the Web (26/07)

Meet the Puritans: Union and Communion

I’ve enjoyed this series, and this article is particularly comforting for those who face death, but who know of their union with Christ. Death no longer holds us captive to fear, and Jesus has made our hope for resurrection secure.

A High View of Marriage Includes Divorce

This article fascinates me, and I’ll admit I’m still thinking through all the applications for the many and varied situations that divorces arises from, and the “lies” that this author seeks to address from the gospel.

Dear Church, You’re Wrong About Sex

Phylicia gets down to business.

Dealing with Disappointment

Depak Reju has written some quality work (I have one of his books still on my wishlist) and this article further supports that statement. Along similar lines to the excellent You Are What You Love, Reju appropriately shines the spotlight back on us.

No One is Born a Child of God

This one often comes up when people talk about God being ‘unjust’ towards people, but there are plenty of other false narratives that would be corrected, if we just realised this simple truth.

The doctrine of Adoption is arguably one of the sweetest doctrines in the Bible, but it doesn’t make any sense if people are already born children of God.

Theologicon: Australia’s First Pop-Culture Conference

Take your favourite comic book characters, pop-culture icons, and silver screen superheroes, mix in theology… and you’ve got Theologicon: a conference to explore how Christians can engage with the enduring themes and questions posed within pop-culture. This looks like the most fun I could have on a weekend. I’ll be keeping an eye on the event page.

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