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Wednesdays on the Web (19/07)

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The Radical Difference between Believers and Unbelievers

Different worldviews, different rules, different kingdoms, and ultimately different kings.

Every Book of the Bible in One Word

There were a number of reasons why I really enjoyed this. A good summary helps my memory, but also asks me the question “do I know why that is the word chosen for this or that book?”

It’s a Date Night: What Did You Expect?

Joshua Waulk via Balight Counselling:

“It may seem like a settled matter to some, but from the first session of counseling I hold with any couple, I seek to convince them of the primacy of hope in Christ and his gospel alone for their marriage, rather than any particular tool, intervention, or methodology that we may discuss or employ. This would include, for example, date nights, even if they appear to have been helpful, or the latest best-selling book on marriage, even if it’s all the rage in the Christian blogosphere.”

The Agonizing Ordeal of Eugene Peterson

Thoughtful reflection from Albert Mohler on the brouhaha that was Eugene Petersen last week. How can I look at the cirumstances, actions, reactions, recants, re-reactions, and consider how I might learn from this. Not only to ensure I always speak with truth and clarity but to avoid – as Mohler suggests – being next.

The Words of my Mouth

This honest piece is very relatable; both as who I am, and who I strive to be. A good reminder of the wisdom that came from the brother of Jesus. Lore Wilbert writes:

I have spent decades trying to figure out how to bridle my tongue, going from one extreme to the other, from utter silence to rampant zingers. This discipline of letting the Word of God be my bit and reins for a bridled tongue is the only thing that’s changing me really, from the inside out.


Luther: The Man and His Theology

This event is happening in Brisbane next week, and tickets are almost sold out. Come and celebrate 500 years of Martin Luther’s legacy; and learn not only about the man and his theology, but why the Reformation still matters for Christians today. (At the very least, come and get the free CSB Bible for attendees)

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