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Wednesdays on the Web (12/07)

Good News for Difficult Times

Our circumstances may be difficult, even insurmountable, but we have good news to preach to ourselves that will change the way we respond to difficult circumstances.

Scott Slayton provides a valuable reminder here (rooted in Romans 8 and coupled with Martin Lloyd-Jones’ Spiritual Depression), which I really need to read.

You May Not Love What You Think

A timely reminder for me, as I’ve just finished reading James K. A. Smith’s book on this. Here, he writes “how are you curating your heart?” through the activities you invest in and the priorities you choose (consciously or subconsciously). How do we engage in self-awareness rooted in scripture for the good of ourselves, our families, and the glory of Christ?

The Law of Love

Barnabas Piper writes for (follow it, if you don’t already) about law, Christian liberty, and love.

What Hogwarts Can Teach us about Friendship

…friendships are part of the triumph of the good. The final victory over evil demands love seasoned through the years. Every time that Harry tries to accomplish by his own strength, even if his motivations are noble (like keeping his friends out of harm’s way), Ron, Hermione, and others intercede on his behalf.

What Augustine’s ‘Confessions’ Taught Me About Parenting

Even if you’ve never read Augustine, there’s gold in this post.

What is the Purpose of Fasting?

I’m currently reading my second book by Don Whitney, this time Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. The book is full of insight into how to understand and mature your Christian faith, and the many benefits that come from intentional investment in relationship with God. Here’s a short clip on one discipline that I found helpful.

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