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Wednesdays on the Web (05/07)

4 Essential Tips to Transform your Bible Reading Experience

Every Christian knows the importance of this fundamental means of grace. Scripture is one of the primary ways through which God speaks to his people today. And yet, we’ve all experienced peaks and troughs as we engage in this discipline. Time to get back on track? Try this.

Resources During Suffering and Lament

Suffering isn’t a question of if; so when the storms come, I would like to have a solid foundation under me. Having my feet firmly cemented in these truths is what I need.

Make Time to be Bored

It’s school holidays for us right now, and boredom is a very real thing. But is it a thing to be avoided? And what about the adults? This is a worthy reminder.

5 Questions to Ask Singles Instead of “How’s the Love Life?”

We all know single people. Beautiful, ambitious, life-giving people who just happen to not be married right now. While culture is in a state of fluidity and liberty when it comes to relationships and the status of being “married”, there’s a lot more to a person that this; why not get curious about something different?

The Order Matters

It mattered to them, and it matters to us.


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