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Wednesdays on the Web (28/06)

Most Christians Have Non-Christian Worldviews

While this is written from the American church perspective, I found it interesting as a launchpad for discussion, particularly in light of the recent Australian census data. I find it fascinating that so many Christians look down on other Christians because of their ‘sheltered’ or ‘myoptic’ worldviews, but the title of this article is revealing, and shows us how much we still have to have our minds renewed.

A Painting of Come Lord Jesus, be our guest…”

A dearly loved friend introduced me to this prayer a few years ago, and only recently had I come to appreciate the beautiful theology behind it.

Meet the New ‘Twicer’

“I came across an interesting expression recently: the twicer.1 From what I understand, ‘the twicer’ used to refer to the person who went to church twice a day (think of the days of morning and evening prayer). It then began to refer to the nominal churchgoer who would attend twice a year, the ‘Christmas and Easter’ Christian. When I heard the phrase recently, it was used to refer to the committed churchgoer. That is, to describe a regular churchgoer—who attends church just twice a month on average.”

Analyzing Annihilationism

While discussions about eternal destinations should be carried out with sensitivity, urgency and (often) through tears, the guys at The Cripple Gate speak clearly and biblically to questions relating to Hell. There’s some truth in here for those who would hold a Universalist position too, particularly in the statements from fathers of the faith throughout history at the bottom of the article. I think it’s important to know the truth on matters like this; though they are difficult, they too point us to Christ.

How to Stay Productive while Living at Home

Easy to talk about. Easy(ish) to implement. Sticking with it? Well, that often feels like pushing a boulder, up a hill, in a snow storm (without pants).

A Spiritual Barometer Check

This quick post poses questions that are well worth returning to on a regular basis. Growth must be intentional, and have checks and balances to make sure we’re getting somewhere.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I appreciate this piece from Jessica Hughes so much. Too often in the West we suffer from a sort of ‘destinationism’; the feeling that what we’re doing isn’t important enough (yet), that we’re made for something more, something less mundane, and we need to keep striving to find our fulfillment. This article is filled with grace and gives peace.

A New (and important) Site You Need to Check Out

Gospel in Society Today is a committee of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland. Their purpose is to write about complex issues and how to think through them as people who love Jesus. Their newly launched website already has papers on issues such as how to think carefully about domestic violence, transgender and sexuality, the environment, and more. This is well worth keeping track of, and the committee love interaction, so get on a discuss these important issues.



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