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Wednesdays on the Web (21/06)

Stop Telling Me God is My Father

In light of American Fathers Day recently, this article provides a poignant perspective from a person whose story is more common than we realise, and yet we can be remarkably dismissive through our Christian clichés.

The Problem with Pet Sins

There’s a number of reasons why I find this post fascinating and valuable. First, because I’m currently reading James K. A. Smith’s You Are What You Love in which I’m seeing more clearly the importance of self-awareness when it comes to re-calibrating our hearts away from the practices of the world and forming habits that align our spiritual compass to the ‘true North’ of Jesus Christ, and second because it answers the popular question of “Does God always answer prayer?” with the less popular “Actually, no”.

Sin is Cosmic Treason

North Pine Baptist Church is currently in a series on Heaven & Hell, and this continues to prompt a number of questions (some healthy, some less so) about God’s love vis-a-vis his righteous justice when it comes to eternal destinations. This post adds value to that discussion by reminding us of the seriousness of sin, the scandal of the cross, and God’s glory displayed in and through everything he does.

Re-calibrating Life

This short post continues a theme I’m seeing in my reading lately; one of reorientation away from the things of the world that would seek to distract, depress, or destroy and lift one’s eyes to him who redeems and restores. In this author’s case, the Psalms are a helpful way to still our souls and fix our eyes on Jesus.

10 Things You Should Know about God’s Attributes

Easy to read and with plenty of headings, this is a list that you could skim through in under a minute. And yet, I’d encourage you to pause; smell the flowers, touch the leaves, turn over the stones. These attributes are wondrous, and they lead us to worship.

3-2-1: The Story of God, the World, and You

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