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Wednesdays on the Web (14/06)

The Gospel Domino Effect

Here Courtney Yantes discusses “the grand chain reaction of dominoes”, and how these dominoes continue to crash into each other throughout human history for our good and the good of others.

Proceed at Once to the Text

I was reading a sermon by Charles Spurgeon not too long ago, wherein his opening remarks he stated, “Let us proceed at once to the text!” That little, almost insignificant phrase struck me in a way that made me pause. No jokes, no personal stories, no novelty; just procession to the text. How could the man dubbed the “Prince of Preachers” attract thousands upon thousands, week upon week, by simply proceeding to the text?

A Graphically Expressed Third Way on Gender Stuff in a Messed Up World: Complementarian? Egalitarian? Or the Cross?

There has been some valuable (respectful) discussion on the Internet about this issue in recent weeks. Everyone from Scot McKnight to Rachel Held Evans have opinions – strong opinions – on this issue that will remain contentious until Christ returns. In the mean time however, Nathan offers an alternative which is winsome and worthy of further discussion.

Life lessons around the Dinner Table: Guarding Family Time

As a parent, I urge you to radically prioritize family time and local church time over these things. Nobody can teach your child about life like you can. God uniquely knit you together to be the most effective life-teacher your child can have in this world. You are the chisel with which God wants to shape your child.

Understanding Your Emotions

Lately I’ve taken a greater interest in Emotional Intelligence. Largely because I’m terrible at it, and know very little about it. Psychology Today contributor Sarah-Nicole Bostan provides this helpful intro for understanding a little more EI, pointing out good ways to regulate emotion (while simultaneously highlighting how not to). I found this EI primer (of sorts) insightful.

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