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Wednesdays on the Web (07/06)

The Danger of “Has God Called You?”

You will notice that missing from the list of qualifications of elders and deacons is an “inner call”. It’s just not there. So why then do we add extra-biblical qualifications? I wonder if what we are really asking with this “inner call” is whether or not somebody wants to do it. Do you feel compelled into this ministry? Do you desire the work of an elder? But that makes us uncomfortable so we’ve sanctified our language a bit. It’s sounds so much better to say, “God is calling me into this ministry” rather than saying, “I’d really like to preach”. But the Bible speaks the way of the latter more than the former.

Do you want to? Are you qualified? Do others recognize this?

Then do it.

Are Unhappy Christians a Poor Witness?

This is a discussion that I think needs to be had at every level within the church.

Encouragement and Compliment are Brothers not Twins

I’ve been thinking about being a better encourager lately. I’m not a natural encourager, and so I have to remind myself to daily to find ways to deliver on this. On that journey, this post speaks practically to me as I seek to get it right.

Living out of the Stories on my Calendar

I often share about the benefits that come from engagement with the church calendar, and how remembering these events shapes us in a positive way. Melinda says it better than me.

The Descent of the Dove and the Meaning of Pentecost

Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday. What’s it really all about?

Practice Your Devotion

This is an area I constantly need to re-motivate in. How is my relationship with God when no one is looking? Am I constantly seeking to cultivate a deeper communion with the Triune God in my private time? I need this, and my wife and children need this. This article has much for me to take to heart.

On a Lighter Note, and because we just passed Pentecost Sunday..

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