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Wednesdays on the Web (31/05)

Don’t Pursue Feelings. Pursue Christ.

I am far from emotionally intelligent. I have a long way to go before I can perceive all the nuances of emotion and develop a greater awareness of emotional well being in myself as well as in others. When it comes to¬†considering feelings with regard to our Christian¬†faith, emotion has an important part to play here too; just make sure it isn’t the lead role.

Know Your Doctrine

“Doctine Divides.” “I find doctrine boring.” This article doesn’t speak to a single crowd, denomination, or ‘tribe’ of Christianity; all of us have a responsibility to pursue the God that we love by learning his ways, and doctrine does not merely inform our minds, but also warms our hearts and reforms our behaviour. There are so many things in this article that are close to my heart when it comes to not simply seeing people come to know Christ, but to grow into mature disciples who are well equipped to take this gospel to others.

The Only Spiritual Gifts Test You’ll Ever Need

Stephen Altrogge pushes back on plans and programs designed to help you work out (in 200 questions over 10 weeks) what your spiritual gifts are. His approach isn’t just straightforward, it shatters complacency and procrastination. Go use your gifts right now!

6 Ways Men can support Women’s Discipleship

Having read Trillia Newbell’s book Enjoy last month (my review here), the by-line on this article caught my eye. As expected, Trillia writes with clarity and conviction. Even if you just skim the titles of the 6 points, you’ll come away encouraged and inspired to see these highly practical points gain traction in your local church, and be reminded of the value and responsibility we all have to ensure that women are never sidelined when it comes to theological education and discipleship.

Someone is Offended on the Internet

“I know a lot about feeling offended. It is a struggle I have had all of my life. As a Christian, I know this is a path to sin, and I understand that I must be willing to be offended. Ultimately feeling offended all of the time is a sign of pride, of self-focus. Self-focus can lead to negativity, and that is a destructive force.

…I want to be so conformed to Christ that I lose the taste for negativity.”

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