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Wednesdays on the Web (10/05)

Your Kids Aren’t the Priority

Many married couples would have come across (or had thrust upon them) the advice that you must put your relationship with your husband or wife as the primary one.  Here, Ann Swindell adds value to this discussion on how to be purposeful about growing as spouses “even as we parent those small humans who are making lots of noise in the house”.

Make Room for Different Kinds of Discipleship

Notwithstanding the need for Christians to always be active members of a local gathering of believers, there are many other secondary ways in which Christians can engage in discipleship, mentoring, and be spiritually nourished. It’s good to be creative and reflect on how we can sharpen each other in our many and varied circumstances.

7 Things to Know About Conversational Prayer

This list contains several gems that explain or enhance the richness of prayer as a vital part of Christian Spirituality. Plus I appreciate the way Nick has bounded the conversation on all sides by a good theology that doesn’t allow for straying off the straight-and-narrow. Read this one slowly, twice.

You Don’t Even Have A bucket, Jesus

We can’t blame the woman for not understanding Jesus. In fact, how often do we make the same accusations of Jesus when he’s claiming to have everything for our circumstance?

The New City Catechism

Our family’s copy arrived yesterday, and a quick flick open told us that this could very well be the book that is going to see our family worship take off (finally). Because of the brief question and answer style, each one could be read in under 5 minutes, or used as a launch pad to open discussion for as long as your little learner’s attention will hold. Plus, even though The New City Catechism is available free as an app I’ve opted for the paperback; firstly because our kids get enough screen time already, but secondly because I’ve always found that my retention success is better from paper than from screen. But that’s just me, so I guess we’ll see. From the inside cover:

Throughout the history of the church, Christians have used catechisms – collections of questions and answers designed for memorization and recitation – to teach others the core doctrines of the faith.

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