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Wednesdays on the Web (12/04)

Deeper Magic

In light of Easter – but not specific to it – I’ve had conversations around the resurrection of Jesus Christ more and more as the single point on which the validity of Christianity stands or falls. I’ve been collecting a number of apologetic works on this one, but as always, the authors at Wondering Fair bring something new in a way that I never could.

The Curious Christian

I read and reviewed Barnabas Piper’s latest book a short while back. Aaron Armstrong’s take on this helpful book is motivating and reminds me that curiosity is a healthy habit every Christian should practice and improve.

Helping Women Engage Culture

So much about this article is important for every Christian – not only women. However, there’s something uniquely beautiful about the way this article shines light on the weight of responsibility for the Christian woman.

Women, often called gatekeepers who monitor what comes in and goes out of the home, need to be theologically informed and culturally aware in order to fill the void of the uniquely female, Christian voices in society. This doesn’t require a commitment to a class or a formal program. It requires time in the word, a love for wisdom and insight, regular fellowship with other believers and intentional accountability for one’s thoughts and actions when wading through these murky cultural waters.

From Can’t Read to Don’t Read

Yes, exactly.

Speaking Hospitably

I’ve had this same argument many times. Actually, I’ve been on both sides of this argument many times. I’ve never thought of considering how I craft my sentences as a form of hospitality before.

Need a New Podcast?

If you don’t listen to The Happy Rant, you should definitely check it out.

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