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Wednesdays on the Web (08/03)

God Wants our Sad

Esther Fleece from the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission reminds us that while the culture around us pushes the message that sadness is a ‘negative’ emotion and we should aim to avoid it at all costs (whether by medication, or distraction, or relationship, or whatever) God has not only given us these emotions, but also the language to express them, and a book which is full of lessons on how to face suffering on the days when we don’t have it together.

Pixels are People

In light of its potentially destructive power, why would any Christian use social media? The short answer is because the Lord is sovereign and pixels are people. There are more than three billion Internet users around the world. This is not by accident. The Lord is the author of history, and the church finds herself with unique opportunities to do good in this world and bring Him glory.

Decluttering Evernote

This is me. Except that while I strongly recognise the need to keep things organised (which includes tossing the things I no longer need) the truth is I’m just not aggressive enough most of the time. If you love Evernote like me, consider these tips for tasks, notebooks, tags, and boost your productivity all over again.

Sharing in the Hospitality of God

In this latest formational series from Tabor College in Adelaide, David McGregor contributes some challenging insight into the way our expressions of hospitality are actually representations of and participation in the Divine Life of the Trinity. As I’ve come to expect from David, this piece is rich with history, theology, and conviction.

Resisting the Course of this World

If a rock gets tossed up in the air, it must come down; it can’t help itself. Likewise, when we are dead in our sins we can’t help ourselves but to follow the course of this world. But the gravitational pull from the course of this world has been broken by the crucified and resurrected Son of God.

Chuck Norris Never Misses

I should probably feel bad for laughing so much at this.

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