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Wednesdays on the Web (22/02)


Please Stop Saying “God Told Me”

Unless this kind of language is immediately followed by Scripture, it’s a big red flag. Josh Buice discusses why (oh, and I agree with him).

Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility

‬This post is a little longer than normally keeps my attention span, but John MacArthur has been doing this a long time. His words are carefully chosen and they’re well worth your time.

For Better Conversations

Here’s some insight into the lost art of conversation from the President of Christian Communicators Worldwide. Off the back of Barnabas Piper’s new book: The Curious Christian this is a fascinating, valuable read.

Keep your focus on the other person as you talk to each other. Look at him or her, probe for insight (there is a perspective inside that person that you need to reflect on, even if it seems unwise), reach into their mind, imagination and experience out of genuine interest. Be persistent to find out how this person thinks, feels, experiences, hopes. Conversation is an adventure in knowledge acquisition. And if you grow in that, you are going to have to make the conversation about the other person most of the time, and not about you.

7 Reasons Worshipers need the Church

I’ve been doing a little more reading into this of late, but here is an accessible summary of seven key reasons why the Christian needs to attend the corporate gathering with other believers under the leadership of pastors and elders in order to flourish.

Why I won’t be seeing The Shack Movie

I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with Tim Challies when it comes to matters of theological persuasion. He makes an interesting case here (and it might not be for the reason you think!) when it comes to (not) seeing this movie. At the time of writing this, he’s promised a follow-up post to address concerns from folks who have written in to voice their disagreement. I won’t be watching the movie either, but I’ll watch these conversations with keen interest.

Theology Matters

Joshua Harris and I share a love for encouraging people towards a good theology; because we’re all theologians, so why not be a good one.

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