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Wednesdays on the Web (18/01)

When a Marriage Dies

This profound, humbling honesty from Barnabas Piper still resonates with me a week after reading it. Piper writes with self-awareness and insight (both of which I could use more of); whether or not you can personally relate to his subject matter, you’re guaranteed to be moved by his words.

Christianity and Transgender

I’m almost positive that I don’t have the right categories in which to rightly think about this. Sam Allberry shares some thoughts on how and why Christianity offers the only real solution to transgender issues.

Why You Should Not Use Your Phone for Personal Devotions

Perhaps you’ve never struggled with using a phone for your devotional times (like I have). David Murray argues five reasons to avoid using technology for this crucial part of your day.

I Love My Life


“what a transition. The transcendent Object we exalt in our songs is increasingly not God, or Her, but Me.
The gospel we nod to today is something like: believe in yourself. Be authentic. Be you. You’re beautiful. Fulfill your dream.”

Tim Keller Goes for a Walk

I can’t even begin to tell you how funny this is.

You Never Lamb Alone

Finally, the 2017 Australia Day commercial. I think they nailed it.

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