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Wednesdays on the Web (27/12)

So it’s that unusual time of the year between Christmas coming to an end and the new year having not quite begun. That time of year where I’m not really sure where I am, or what to call it, or what I should be doing. I haven’t found much time for technology in general (which, of course is a good thing in many respects). Here’s this week’s round-up.

Christmas (and Shopping) for Others

Jessica at Wondering Fair shares some wonderful reflections.

While Jesus’ birth announces the coming of a kingdom of peace and justice, the coming of that kingdom is also a new proclamation of war against the brokenness, suffering and evil that so frequently characterize the world.

Dealing with Darkness at Christmas

A beautiful heart poured out in a meaningful song, and some convicting words from father Bob Kauflin who reminds us of those who find it hard at Christmas, and what our posture towards those people should be in the light of Jesus.

Pastor, Am I a Christian?

We all have doubts. Doubt isn’t the enemy, however. This is a great Q&A between Nicholas Kristof (New York Times) and Tim Keller.

Do You Need to Repent of Book Hoarding?

I have no comment here. If anyone needs me, I’ll be culling my shelves.

The Great Parental Freak-Out

“The world doesn’t depend on you being perfect. And neither do your kids. So do what you can, be grateful for what you have, and pray like crazy.”


BONUS: If you haven’t watched this, it would be in my Top Ten YouTube clips for 2016 (if I had one).

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