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Wednesdays on the Web (14/12)

14 Words of Advice for Guest Preachers

Sam Bierig offers these punchy pointers for the times when you may be extended an invitation to preach at a church other than your own. Adhere to these, and you just might get asked to come back again.

Don’t Take Your Religion So Seriously

“I have no religious beliefs.  None…. There’s a better word for what I am: an apatheist.  It’s a neologism that fuses ‘apathy’ and ‘theism.’ It means someone who has absolutely no interest in the question of a god’s (or gods’) existence, and is just as uninterested in telling anyone else what to believe.”

Ryan Dueck from Wondering Fair ponders the plausibility of this statement by a Canadian journalist offering apathy as an alternative religious worldview.

Three Books and Five Tips for Fighting Porn

David Murray lists these resources and recommendations for winning the fight.

Who Was Saint Nicholas?

Kevin DeYoung provides some thoughts on the mysterious saint, and how he came to be associated with the jolly man in red.

5 Reasons You Should Start (or Continue) Blogging

The last thing the Internet needs is another person giving their opinion. right? And besides, who would read it anyway? Well, in this short post Thom Rainer offers some deeper reasons to help you consider if blogging is for you, and how God can use that platform for your growth and his glory.


Finally, here’s a fun attempt to write out the genealogy of Jesus Christ as found in the first 16 verses of Matthew, set to a song by Andrew Peterson.

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